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The Future of Healthcare Employment

Empowering people to create their own future

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The advanced technology platform that harnesses the desire for workforce freedom, flexibility, and independence through a low cost, standardized, and efficient labor-as-a-service staffing model.


Employment Modernization
Compensation Modernization

Digitized End-to-End Staffing Enablement Platform
Culture & Value Matchmaking Foundation
Job Seeker & Hiring Facility Control

Payroll Advance System
Compensation Transparency
Condensed Staffing Process

Optimize Staffing

Worx360 is a healthcare labor-as-a-service technology platform that optimizes clinical staffing for healthcare facilities at  scale. Worx360 simplifies the process, adding automation, standardization, and efficiency  to expensive, highly manual, and antiquated staffing agency HR processes

Be Flexible

Our culture-driven matching approach unites professionals with ideal clinical environments to be productive in temporary roles and consider conversion to permanent placement long-term. We give people and organizations the freedom and flexibility to create their best teams.

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Efficient Results

Worx360 is the cost effective, efficient solution for meeting the demands of medical professionals in need of flexibility and freedom, vital in today’s modern world.